Here’s how you can track nearby fires on Halloween night

Here’s how you can track nearby fires on Halloween night

By Aura McMenamin

Tonight is Halloween, meaning you will most likely see a few bonfires on your way home this evening.

As reported earlier today by, firefighters at Tallaght Fire Station have reminded members of the public to stay safe this Halloween, and to not interfere with emergency crews as they respond to calls across the area.


To help the public remain aware of bonfires and other fire-related acts of vandalism, Dublin Fire Brigade has created an interactive map showing the locations of fires across Dublin county.

Check out the map HERE.

Each icon on the map shows what type of fire is listed and the approximate time of when the fire was reported.

To date, some of the items listed include bonfires on green spaces and items such as wheelie bins, sofas, bushes, pallets that are ablaze in public spaces.

Dublin Fire Brigade said: “All fires will be assessed, but not necessarily extinguished if they do not represent a danger to life or property.”

“Incidents may be excluded for operational reasons.”

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