Hot meals table for homeless to run seven nights a week

Hot meals table for homeless to run seven nights a week

By Maurice Garvey 

AN ACTIVIST is setting up a table to provide hot meals and supplies to homeless people in Clondalkin village this Friday, December 1.

Fonthill resident Dave Moore, an activist for Independent 4 Change, says the homeless crisis in Clondalkin is so bad that “people are sleeping in parks.”

 Round Tower Village Ben Ryan

“The table will be beside Molloys off-licence, and we will be open seven days a week, from 8pm to 10pm,” said Dave.

“I’ve been involved with homelessness for years and have worked with Sancta Maria. Recently, I slept out for one night outside the GPO to highlight how bad it is.

“There used to be a homeless table in the village before, but that stopped in recent years. I knew a few of the people who worked on the stalls, approached the women, and they have agreed to volunteer.”

Dave has previously been involved in a local campaign, the Clondalkin and Lucan housing network – who protested outside the Clondalkin Civic Offices last year to highlight the housing and homelessness epidemic.

He said he is hoping this new venture can generate momentum for a homeless hub in the village.

“I’m trying to get a premises in the village with Councillor Ruth Nolan,” he said.

“There is a former Chinese restaurant building that has been lying vacant for 10 years. We are looking for the council to buy or rent the place for us.

“The network was big on pushing the six vacant houses on Station Road, and Respond have now taken control of them which is good.

“But the homelessness situation is just getting worse and it’s bad in Clondalkin. I see people all the time sleeping in parks.”