How Vulpynes Came To Be: Duo who create Riot Grrrl-indebted Punk Rock
The Vulpynes Molly and Kaz

How Vulpynes Came To Be: Duo who create Riot Grrrl-indebted Punk Rock

A formidable duo called Vulpynes, who create riot grrrl-indebted punk rock, recently supported American rock band Electric Six at their Dublin and Belfast gigs.

Vulpynes consists of Clondalkin woman Kaz on drums and Tallaght native Molly on vocals and guitar, who have been going from strength to strength since their formation in 2016.

In the coming months, the band is set to appear at punk festivals in Ireland and the UK, and they’re hoping to release new material and potentially put on a headline show – pandemic permitting.

Kaz and Molly told The Echo about how Vulpynes came to be, what it was like for them to support Electric Six, and they spoke about their favourite – and least favourite – audiences to play for.

How did you and Kaz meet, and when did you realise you had chemistry as musicians?

Molly: We met on about 6 years ago. I think we clicked as musicians when we started playing as a two-piece.

 When was your first gig as Vulpynes, and can you remember how you felt during that performance?

Molly: It was in 2016 in the Wiley Fox on the Quays, supporting a band called Long Tail. It was exciting, it definitely felt like the start of an adventure.

Kaz: It was my first proper gig ever! But the nerves went away as soon as we started playing and the excitement kicked in.

We weren’t sure if anyone would even like what we were doing but, luckily, we got a great response.

Vulpynes was formed in 2016. What’s the biggest learning curve you’ve encountered as Vulpynes over the past five years?

Molly: Don’t get too sucked into the ‘music industry’ side of things because it can take away some of the joy of playing music.

My least favourite gigs have been music industry events. It’s supposed to feel like a privilege to play to a crowd of bookers and bloggers, who stand there and stare at you while you play and take notes.

If you skip that side of things, playing live is a lot more fulfilling.

Kaz: It’s been an interesting ride so far, for sure. You do have to be careful who you trust, not everyone has your best interests at heart.

The most important thing is to enjoy playing the music that you love and created! Remember why you started in the first place and you won’t go far wrong.

You recently supported Electric Six at their gigs in Belfast and Dublin, what was that experience like?

Molly: It was brilliant because we got to play Belfast again which we love. The gig in the Academy was our first non-seated gig of the year in Dublin.

We were booked to play those gigs for two years. We really thought they were going to be postponed again.

We got in there by the skin of our teeth as the Government brought in more restrictions a few days after that gig.

Kaz: We were so honoured to play with Electric Six, they’re such a great band live. They were definitely our biggest gigs since the madness of Covid. Being back in front of an audience again was brilliant.

You’re playing the Relapse Punk Festival in Cork and the Rebellion Punk Music Festival in the UK later this year, what appeals to you most about playing for a festival crowd?

Molly: Punk festival crowds are the best!

The atmosphere is always energetic and exciting. Punks are loyal, they stick with ya.

Kaz: We love playing festivals. It’s been ages since we played in Cork so we can’t wait to go back, and the Rebellion Punk festival is just the best vibe you can imagine!

As Molly said, the punk crowds are the best and most loyal.

Are there any plans for another headline show or new material in the near future?

Molly: It’s difficult to plan a headline show at the moment, because things are so uncertain, but we definitely will re-emerge at some point with new music and dates.

Kaz: We’re definitely not going anywhere soon, so watch this space, as they say!

For further information, check out Vulpynes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and stream their music on Spotify.

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