Kelland Homes request rezoning of site at Elder Heath for ‘attractive residential scheme’
The site opposite to the Elder Heath development

Kelland Homes request rezoning of site at Elder Heath for ‘attractive residential scheme’

KELLAND Homes has requested the rezoning of a site to the south of Elder Heath, Kiltipper, as they believe they can deliver “an attractive, sustainable and highly deliverable residential scheme” at that location.

The subject site is adjacent to Kelland’s existing Elder Heath development, and according to the developer’s submission the site is in “stark contrast” to the existing residential estates.

“The absent land under the overhead power cables have left this edge feeling somewhat unresolved and subject to potential anti-social activity,” according to Kelland’s submission on the Draft County Development Plan 2022-2028.

“Future proposals therefore have potential to provide a more resolved solution to this area of Elder Heath.”

The northern portion of the subject site is zoned “to protect and/or improve residential amenity”, while the southern portion is zoned for agricultural and rural uses.

Kelland stated: “We believe the site provides a real opportunity to utilise best practice urban design methods to improve the transition between suburban and rural environments.

“This approach will bolster the localised appearance and value of the suburban setting within Elder Heath, whilst retaining the rural character of Kiltipper Road.

“In doing so, a more resolved settlement edge will be formed through new residential development, creating a more seamless transition from suburban to rural.

“Further, the site presents an opportunity to forge green links between Kiltipper Park, the proposed Eden Park and Killinarden Park, thereby improving interconnectivity between key green amenity areas and south Tallaght communities.”

They added that the development of houses on the subject site would serve as “a natural progression” alongside the existing Elder Heath development.

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