Margaret is most energetic person

Margaret is most energetic person

By Mary Dennehy

A WALKINSTOWN lady who took to the nation’s airwaves to celebrate her 100th birthday told The Echo that she holds no secret to a long and energetic life – but walking and porridge helps.

Born on April 3, 1920 Margaret Lynch grew up in the Ranch in Inchicore across from the railway works, with many of her family members railway workers.

Margaret Lynch 090420

Margaret Lynch celebrated her 100th birthday

She married husband Michael In 1945 and the couple moved to Walkinstown in 1956, and together had six children, three girls and three boys.

“Four of my children are now old age pensioners and the fifth will be an old age pensioner in August”, Margaret said.

“I can’t believe it, it’s so funny when I think about it.

“Time flies.”

Speaking with The Echo, Margaret’s granddaughter Joanne said that her granny is the “most energetic person” she’s ever met.

“She’s pretty phenomenal”, Joanne said.

“She keeps up to date with everything, has time for everyone and oodles of patience… she’s a great friend.

“She also makes around 27 Christmas puddings every year by hand by herself, one for every household in the family.”

When asked by The Echo what her secret to a long and energetic life is, Margaret said: “I don’t really know, I’ve led a normal life.

“I don’t smoke. I’d have a glass of wine if I go out, one is my limit though.

“I walk everywhere and still volunteer a couple of days a week in my local day services in Walkinstown, where I was one of the founding members.

“I do eat porridge every morning and about a half-an-hour later, I’d cook a breakfast… maybe have some rashers or a poached egg.

“I’ve always eaten a good breakfast.

“We used to grow all our own vegetables and I still have a few bits out the back, a few herbs and that.

“I still do a bit of gardening.”

PHOTO 2020 04 07 16 46 32

A younger Margaret Lynch around 15-years-of age

Margaret, who has been volunteering with the Sisters of Charity for over 50 years, added: “We never had a car when I was growing up.

“I grew up in a time when no one owned a car, everyone else was walking so walking is natural for me.”

Last Friday, April 3, Margaret turned 100 – and there was no way her friends and family were going to let it pass quietly.

A big fan of Joe Duffy’s Liveline, Margaret’s family celebrated her birthday live on RTE Radio 1 – with Margaret taking to the morning airwaves for a 20-minute chat with Joe.

Some family members also called by throughout the day and, while keeping their social distance, dropped off gifts and balloons in her garden.

“Truthfully, I felt no difference turning 100”, Margaret said.

“However, everyone was amazing.

“My neighbours were out in their gardens singing and waving flags.

“It was all a bit emotional but lovely.

“All of the cards and messages were lovely too, and [after I was on the radio] I was getting wishes from people I haven’t spoken to in years.”

Margaret is currently confined to her house due to Covid-19 measures and while she’s missing getting out and about, there are some perks to cocooning.

“I’m confined to my house now, I can’t even go to the shop… I’m a bit over 70 as you know!

“However, my shop keeper and pharmacy are very good and my family.

“I’m always finding little goodies on my doorstep.

“I know now’s the time to sit back, but I don’t want to sit back… and I’m missing getting my hair done.”

With 100 years of life experience under her belt, Margaret, said: “I know it is frightening but I do believe that if we all stick together, we will get through this [Covid-19 crisis].

“Sticking together and prayer, I still trust in prayer.”

As she remembered one of her boys who passed away 12 years ago, Margaret thanked her children, 19 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren, neighbours, friends and Joe Duffy and his team for making her birthday as special as her age.

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