‘More robust’ repair works plan for park entrance gate
The cars burned out in Tymon Park

‘More robust’ repair works plan for park entrance gate

SOUTH Dublin County Council has admitted that repair works to an entrance gate in Tymon Park that was later breached by joyriders was “not sufficient” to prevent them gaining entry to the park.

The local authority added that it plans to carry out “more robust” repair works on the gate within the next fortnight to prevent a re-occurrence of joyriders getting into the park.

As reported in The Echo earlier this month, two cars accessed the park at the National Basketball Arena end and damaged a meadow and a pitch used by Tallaght Rugby Club.

A similar incident took place earlier in the year, when the rugby pitch was vandalised by joyriders who damaged the entrance gate in order to get into the park.

The council then repaired the damage done to the motor of the gate and the hinges – only for it to be damaged again this month.

Fianna Fáil councillor Charlie O’Connor raised the issue with the council, which said a “more robust” repair would be needed to prevent another reoccurrence of joyriders getting into the park.

“While the damage was repaired at the time, it is evident that this was not sufficient to prevent a repeat occurrence,” stated the council.

The track marks after the cars were driven around on the pitches in Tymon Park

“In light of this, it is proposed to carry out a more robust repair to the gate and closing mechanism on this occasion and to install a more powerful motor which will not be overridden in this manner.

“This repair work has been ordered and will be carried out in approximately two weeks’ time.

“In the meantime, the park rangers have been asked to lock the gate each evening at park closing time.”

The council also detailed other measures they plan to introduce in a bid to prevent people in vehicles breaching the park’s boundaries.

“Consideration is being given to installing fencing along the road from the roundabout to the depot buildings to close off access to Tymon Lane at this point,” it stated.

“This would be similar to the fencing installed at the interface between the basketball area road and car park and the park itself, which has successfully kept vehicles out since it was installed.”

The fencing work will be considered for inclusion in the council’s 2023 Improvement Works Programme, which will be presented to councillors next January.

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