New figures reveal over 1,000 homes found vacant in Tallaght

New figures reveal over 1,000 homes found vacant in Tallaght

By Mary Dennehy

THERE were more than 1,000 vacant dwellings in Tallaght when the census was taken in April 2016, with the electoral division of Glenview recording the highest vacancy level across the area with 183 homes identified as empty.

While the rate of vacancies in South Dublin County is one of the lowest in the State, there are still 3,947 vacant dwellings in the region – which is four per cent of the county’s total housing stock of 99,026.

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According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), this number is down on Census 2011 – when 5,249 vacant homes (31 of which were holiday homes) were recorded in South Dublin County.

New figures have now revealed that in Tallaght, some 1,097 dwellings were vacant at the time of Census 2016 – with the highest vacancy level recorded in the electoral division of Glenview, where 19.2 per cent of the estate’s 954-unit housing stock was deemed vacant.

Springfield was second highest on the list with 230 of its 4,043 houses vacant, while in Jobstown 217 of its 5,843 dwellings were identified as vacant. The electoral division of Kiltipper also had 133 vacant homes within its housing stock of 3,003.

The vacancy levels in areas across other Tallaght electoral divisions, which would have smaller housing stocks, included Tymon (61), Kingswood (53), Fettercairn (53), Millbrook (44), Old Bawn (38), Killinarden (32), Kilnamanagh (31), Avonbeg (14) and Belgard (8).

However, some have claimed that while there are vacancies across the area, the figures released do not accurately reflect the situation.

According to Tallaght Labour Party councillor Mick Duff: “I would be calling for a better breakdown of the figures, there has to be a narrative behind these numbers.

“Take Glenview for example, you’d be hard-pressed to find 183 vacant homes in that electoral division.

“However, phase 2 of Bancroft Hall [off the N81] falls into the Glenview division and I’m guessing that these new builds, which still have a substantial number of vacant dwellings, have been included.

“We really need some detail on why the properties have been identified as vacant.

“Are they new builds not let yet? A temporary vacancy – maybe an older resident is in long-term nursing care? A private rented house?

“There is an absence of information being provided and these figures will be misinterpreted by the public. We need further explanations so that we can properly look at the situation.”

He added: “As far as the council is concerned every effort is being made to refurbish any vacant social houses across the area and get them let as soon as possible.”

According to the CSO there were 198,358 vacant dwellings, not including holiday homes, nationwide in April 2016.