NOISE Music: Budding artists invited to apply for free workshops
Gerry Horan

NOISE Music: Budding artists invited to apply for free workshops

Budding hip-hop, trance and techno musicians and rappers from South Dublin County are invited to apply for a free series of workshops, led by experienced musicians, where they will get to collaborate and create their own original material.

No experience in making music is required, and the workshops led by NOISE Music, which is under the umbrella of the national music education programme Music Generation, are aimed at young people aged between 14 and 18 inclusive.

Gerry Horan has been involved with SubSounds for over a decade. SubSounds is an initiative which encourages young people to make music using instruments like guitar, bass and drums.

However, Gerry noticed there were limitations as to what the programme could offer young people who had more of an inclination towards creating hip-hop and electronic tracks.

As a result of this, NOISE Music was created and its first series of workshops will run from next October.

Gerry told The Echo: “We didn’t really have anything for young people who were into hip-hop, we didn’t have the instruments or musicians for it.

“NOISE Music is for musicians who want to make hip-hop beats and rap, and it’s all built around getting young people to make their own music.”

Matthew Keating

A team of experienced mentors has been assembled for the workshops, including Katie Laffan, Matthew Keating, Baliboc, Sick Nanley, KDX, Pius Gojo, Peter Jones, Shane Galvin, Max Zanga, Alicia Raye, Caleb Macken, Julia Louise KnifeFist, Ray Hill, talkgick, Ais, Natural B, DJ Goldy, and Spekulativ Fiktion.

Participants will take part in six weekly workshops, taking place in community centres and libraries throughout South Dublin County.

Participants will collaborate with experienced musicians on writing songs, making beats, recording and performing. At the end of each series, one song will be recorded by the group in CONTACT Studio in Rua Red, Tallaght.

All of the recordings from each series of workshops will be compiled and released as an album in May of each year. The album will be launched with a gig featuring performances by participants in the programme.

Gerry added: “I think it’s a chance for them to get in a room with an artist who has similar interests, and break down some of those barriers.

“If you have an interest in music or a love for music – whether you’ve made it or not – then this is for you.

“You don’t have to be linked in with other youth services or particular schools.”

To find out more about NOISE Music, visit

To register your interest in taking part in the workshops, contact Gerry at or on 086 781 1687.