€1.1bn spending on services in 2023
€32 million comes from the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund

€1.1bn spending on services in 2023

SOUTH Dublin County Council’s Three-Year Capital Programme 2023-2025 will see the local authority spend €1,142,431,500 in capital expenditure on services, the majority of which will be spent next year.

In 2023, the council plans to spend €244,765,000 on housing and building, €54,481,100 on recreation and amenity, and €49,790,000 on development management.

In the same year, the local authority has ringfenced capital expenditure of €44,882,500 for road transport and safety, €10,113,300 for surface water and flood relief works, €1,325,000 for environmental services, and €3,800,000 for miscellaneous programmes.

In 2024, the council has capital expenditure of €260,155,000 for housing and building, €54,823,000 for road transport and safety, and €50,409,000 for development management.

Capital expenditure for recreation and amenity in 2024 will total €25,339,200, with €3,700,000 is for miscellaneous programmes, while €450,000 is for environmental services.

In 2025, there will be expenditure of €205,335,000 for housing and building, €68,358,000 for development management, and €40,232,100 for road transport and safety.

Expenditure of €6,885,000 has been set aside for surface water and flood relief works, €3,545,000 for recreation and amenity, €1,450,000 for miscellaneous use, and €300,000 for environmental services.

The council expects, over the course of the three years of the plan, to receive income of €710,255,000 from housing and building, and €168,557,000 from development management.

The projected income from road transport and safety is €139,937,600, recreation and amenity is €83,365,300, a total of €29,291,600 from surface water and flood relief programmes, and €2,075,000 from environmental services.

In an introduction published on the Three-Year Capital Programme document, the chief executive of South Dublin County Council, Daniel McLoughlin, explained the aims of the programme.

“This three-year rolling programme is reflective of ongoing commitments, the progression of projects already approved and provisional commitments to new projects in planning,” he wrote.

“The social and economic value of this programme is very significant.

“It underpins our ambition for the county, delivers for citizens, communities, and business. As outlined, all the projects are realistic and funding streams have been identified.

“The programme is fully aligned to the objectives of our Corporate and County Development Plans.

“Regular updates will be provided to members detailing progress, revised costings as plans and projects are fully designed and making additions as appropriate where new opportunities emerge.”

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