Panelling Centre keeping  up with customer demands

Panelling Centre keeping up with customer demands

By Maurice Garvey

TO CATER for clients in a predominately trade-orientated business, the Panelling Centre on Long Mile Road, have recently started opening at 7am on weekday mornings.

The company are a leading supplier of kitchens, wardrobes and appliances, and introduced the new opening hours policy to keep up with demand from customers.

Shaun Barnes Paneling 01

“We have a big core of businesses who are tradespeople, along with a major DIY clientele,” said Shaun Barnes, Manager of the Long Mile Panelling Centre.

He continued: “We are a bit different to our competitors, in that you can either have the whole product or parts of it.

“We have up to 30 kitchens here, customers can come in and buy a kitchen straight away, or buy a sink, or a tap, or a fitting. Instead of someone asking how long will I have to wait for a worktop, they can just bring it home with them.”

Shaun Barnes Paneling 05

“We do a lot of regenerative/ resurfacing at a fraction of the cost. The base of the kitchen in your home might be in very good condition, so you might only need to improve the design.”

The centre also have an exciting state of the art 3D service – which provides customers with a platform to view the layout of a new kitchen within the parimetres of their home.

Mr Barnes continued: “It’s a free-of-charge design system. If you bring in the measurements, we can assess in on 3D colour, survey it, and tweak it around if necessary.”

Shaun Barnes Paneling 03

With a range of products available either through pre-assembly or in flatpack form, Barnes says the centre “ticks a lot of boxes” for customers.

“We can facilitate a five-day turnaround for a new kitchen,” he said.

“The Dalton and Madison ranges are very popular right now, and in-frame doors. We have a warehouse bolted onto the side of the centre, a big showroom, featuring flooring, appliances, wardrobes, sinks. If you want door handles, we have 26 of them.”

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