Parents ‘so proud’ after Jessica receives 625 points in Leaving Cert
Jessica Eccles-Phillips with mam Jennifer

Parents ‘so proud’ after Jessica receives 625 points in Leaving Cert

A CLONDALKIN teenager achieved the highest possible results in her Leaving Certificate, receiving seven H1s totalling 625 points.

Jessica Eccles-Phillips, 18, from Woodford, sat the exams in Coláiste Bríde last June and received her results online last Friday with her mother, Jennifer Eccles, by her side.

Jennifer told The Echo: “She broke down when she saw her results. It was just the two of us.

“They weren’t allowed to go to the school to collect their results, so it was just me and her with the laptop on the kitchen table.

“She broke down crying, she couldn’t believe it. She was so happy.

“I expected her to do well into the 500s, but 625 was just…holy moly.”

Jessica’s parents, Jennifer and Aaron Phillips, added that they were delighted with their daughter’s success, and that she has always been a committed and studious pupil.

“Jessie has always studied and put her head down,” explained Jennifer, “but she still kept her social life and went out with her friends.”

Looking ahead, Jessica is hoping to study arts in Maynooth University, focusing on maths, Irish, criminology and law in her first year, with the aim of later qualifying as a maths and Irish teacher.

“We’re just so proud of her,” added Jennifer. “She deserves this, because she did put the work in. Myself and her dad are over the moon.”

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