Plans for ‘landmark building’ 22 storeys high at Mercedes site
The Mercedes site at the junction of the Naas Road and Walkinstown Avenue

Plans for ‘landmark building’ 22 storeys high at Mercedes site

THE family business that controls the Mercedes franchise in Ireland has lodged a submission on Dublin City Council’s Draft Development Plan asking the local authority to relax their “overly restrictive” height objectives in relation to their site at the junction of the Naas Road and Walkinstown Avenue.

The submission was lodged by John Spain Town Planners on behalf of Motor Distributors Ltd (MDL), which is owned by the wealthy O’Flaherty family.

Among the details in their submission includes plans for a “landmark building of up to 22-storeys on the Longmile Road frontage and for a ‘locally high building’ on the north east corner of the site, at junction with Naas Road and Walkinstown Avenue”.

They’re also seeking an amendment to the proposed general heights for buildings fronting onto Walkinstown Avenue, the Longmile Road, and Robinhood Road.

The Draft Development Plan outlines a requirement for a “general height” of between six- and eight-storeys at the aforementioned sites, however MDL is requesting that this be increased to a general height of between eight- and ten-storeys.

MDL also voiced their opposition to a policy in the draft plan to introduce a “general presumption against large-scale residential developments (in excess of 100 units) which comprise of 100 per cent build-to-rent typology”.

The policy includes the requirement for a minimum of 40 per cent of large-scale residential developments to consist of standard build-to-sell apartments.

“This has significant implications for the implementation of apartment development in Dublin City,” stated MDL, adding that they would “respectfully request the omission of this policy”.

It is noted in the submission that MDL plans to bring their lands at the Naas Road and Walkinstown Avenue forward for development in the short term.

In concluding their submission, MDL requested that Dublin City Council adopt their proposed amendments “to allow for flexibility at planning application stage so that the site can achieve its full potential without being unduly restricted.”

The subject site previously housed a Volkswagen assembly plant owned by the O’Flahertys, and now contains MDL’s offices and car dealerships.

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