Residents shocked and sickened at animal cruelty incidents

Residents shocked and sickened at animal cruelty incidents

By Maurice Garvey

SADISTIC animal abuse is plaguing areas of Clondalkin and Ballyfermot over the last couple of years.

The Echo understands groups of young males are baiting cats in cages, and then blooding their dogs in a twisted act of depravity that has shocked and sickened residents to the core.

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Evidence exists of a “killing fields” near the Fonthill Train Station, where cats and small animals are released from bags and set upon by dogs – with some residents suspecting dogs are being trained for illegal fights.

A number of residents The Echo spoke to are too afraid to give their names due to intimidation carried out by local thugs involved in the ongoing activity.

After her cat was killed last year, one Deansrath resident has urged residents to be vigilant.

She said: “There are three thugs with greyhounds, and they are leaving cages with tuna and sardines in laneways in the area. They trap cats and whatever else they can get, and set their dogs on them.

“It’s disgraceful that this is going on. They’re doing it during the night. A cat was found on the main road recently and they had skinned it. There have been other similar stories by residents in the area and honestly, I’ve had enough.”

A flood of disturbing incidents in Clondalkin have been reported on social media over the last two years.

Clondalkin Animal Aid confirmed terrified residents have contacted them but refused to leave a name or number over fears their house may be targeted.

A CAA volunteer reported a incident last year in Neilstown where young males set dogs on a 17-year-old cat at it’s home, mauling it to death in the front garden.

“There was hardly any cats left in St Marks at the time,” said the volunteer.

Animal Ark confirmed numerous incidents of cats being mutilated to The Echo with one unfortunate feline suffering “horrendous” injuries on August 20, resulting in one of it’s legs being amputated.

A sickening photograph of the cat mauled and thrown into a tree on the Fonthill Road, was verified by a residents, with two other residents reporting their cats being mauled prior to the incident.

Geraldine Hawkins from Animal Aid said the situation in Clondalkin “is getting out of control.”

She said: “We’ve been getting reports on this for the last two years. There are about three gangs, all into the same thing. It’s like a sport to them. Last year, a number of animal groups went to the field in Fonthill with councillor Gino Kenny after reports of horse neglect.

“What we saw was horrific. A cat was impaled on a tree, there were bodies strewn all over the place. You couldn’t tell if it was rabbits or cats or small dogs. They are setting lurchers on family pets in broad daylight.”

Geraldine continued: “People are fearful but Clondalkin residents are not going to put up with this. The community has to stick together. We are planning a rally in the village in November to raise awareness.”

Meanwhile, a dog was poisoned and killed in a Ballyfermot park at the weekend – sparking outrage and disgust across the community.

The incident was reported to Animal Aid by dog owner Frank Carroll, who believes rat poison was put in meat and left in the Gaels – Drumfinn Avenue Park.

In his post to Animal Ark on September 26, Mr Carroll urges people to be careful what their dog is picking up or eating.

He said: “Tyson got poisoned and had to be put down. The family and myself are shocked and upset over this. Please be careful folks.”

Animal Ark have issued a warning that “children are in danger” from poison in parks and fear “many more dogs will die.”

The not-for-profit group has been flooded with complaints and horror stories over the last two years.

Residents in Clondalkin urged the community this week to rally against the scourge of sadistic animal abusers.
The Echo understands at least three gangs are involved in animal abuse and “baiting” of cats and small animals – often brazenly in broad daylight.

Whether this activity is linked to the incident in the Gaels or not is unclear, but Animal Ark volunteers warned Echo readers that reports of animal abuse are spreading into areas of Ballyfermot and Palmertsown.

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