Scrapped bridge plans is “victory” for Lucan community

Scrapped bridge plans is “victory” for Lucan community

By Brendan Grehan 

SOUTH Dublin County Council has backed down on a controversial proposal to remove the right turn from Woodies bridge in Lucan onto the N4.

Under Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994, SDCC had proposed removing the right turn from R136 (Outer Ring Road) (southbound) on to the N4 on-ramp (westbound) in order to provide a segregated cycle route in both directions across the bridge over the N4. The proposed cycle lane would have allowed for the separation of buses and cyclists.

woodies bridge

However, there were over 200 objections to the proposal.

Speaking last August Cllr Liona O’Toole had told The Echo:  The plans have received 195 submissions, most of them about the right turn. There’s very little relief roads left in Lucan.”

Cllr O’Toole welcomed the SDCC decision not to proceed with the right turn.

The decision was also welcomed by Cllr William Lavelle. He described the decision as “a victory for community”. Cllr Lavelle had planned to table a motion at next week’s meeting of SDCC calling for the council to force a Section 139 vote under the Local Government Act to cancel the project.

Cllr Lavelle said: “SDCC have confirmed, via email, that the controversial plans for Woodies bridge, involving removal of turning lanes, will not proceed. This news was emailed to me by council managers as a direct response to my attempt to table a motion for next week’s council meeting to force a legal section 139 vote to cancel the project. Thanks to all the residents who supported my efforts to stop this crazy plan.”