SDCC Dev Plan: Development plan provides high quality physical infrastructure

SDCC Dev Plan: Development plan provides high quality physical infrastructure

By Mary Dennehy

If you want to have your say on the future of your neighbourhood and county, now is the time.

South Dublin County Council has started the process of reviewing the County Development Plan, with those living across communities invited to have their say on how their county and neighbourhood develops into the future.

Dev Plan 3 1

Development plan makes sure there is an adequate network for electricity

According to South Dublin County Council, the County Development Plan is one of the most important documents for a local authority, and impacts on how the county deals with climate change, how people move around, where people live and work and the quality of their lives.

The first, eight-week public consultation stage of the new plan started on Friday, July 31, with citizens of the county invited to make submissions under one or all of eight strategic issues by Monday, September 28.

The eight key strategic issues include; built environment and place making; climate action and energy; population growth and housing; sustainable movement; community services; economic development and employment; natural heritage and biodiversity; and infrastructure and utilities.

In this final article of an eight-week series, The Echo asked South Dublin County Council about the strategic issue of Infrastructure and Utilities.

Dev Plan 2 1

Plan will contribute towards attractive places

According to the council one of the main priorities of the County Development Plan is to ensure that a ‘framework that promotes and provides high-quality physical infrastructure to allow development to progress in a sustainable manner is in place’.

The availability of infrastructure such as water, wastewater, surface water drainage, energy and telecommunications networks will, according to the council, play a key role in securing economic investment.

“It will also contribute towards attractive places to live while safeguarding our health and environment through careful management of critical resources”, the council said.

“This will also make us more resilient to climate change impacts.

“Such infrastructure must be provided in a manner that ensures compliance with all relevant European, National and Regional legislation and frameworks.”

While South Dublin County Council is not directly responsible for all aspects of infrastructure provision, the plan sets the growth strategy for the county which will guide the planning and location of the delivery of key infrastructure.

Through the issues paper, the council is asking members of the public what measures the plan should put in place to ensure needed physical infrasture is in place to support people living and working in the county?

In a comment to The Echo, Willie Purcell, a Senior Engineer with the council said: “The delivery of all modern cities begins with infrastructural planning deep below ground level. 

“Unless there is an adequate network of water provision and sewage treatment available development cannot be considered.

“As we move closer to ground level, we think about Gas, Electricity, Telecom and Communications (Fibre). 

“Only at this stage can we start to look at the things we see: Public Transport, Walking and Cycling networks and Roads networks.”

 He added: “The building works follow and this includes everything from industrial, retail and commercial, to housing, community and educational and other land uses.

 “Infrastructural Planning is informed at its inception by long term objectives which are set at County Development Plan stage and be projected to last over 100 years all in the interest of Sustainable Development.”

The deadline for submissions to the first County Development Plan consultation stage is Monday, September 28.

Those living across the communties of South Dublin County are encouraged to engage with one or all eight strategic issues within the plan.

Once the deadline for submissions has passed on September 28, all of the submissions will be read and the Chief Executive’s pre-draft consultation report prepared.

This report is expected to go before councillors in November.

For further information and to share your thoughts and views visit, where the eight strategic issues are laid out in an easily digestable format.

Alternatively submissions can be made in writing to the Senior Executive Officer, Forward Planning Section, Land Use Planning and Transportation Department, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 A3XC.

Call South Dublin County Council on 4149000 for further information or for a hard copy of the strategic issues consultation booklet.

Planning staff are also available to meet members of the public by phone conversation this evening (Thursday,  September 24) between 5.00pm and 7.00pm. 

All you have to do is to log into the council’s dedicated Virtual Consultation Room to make the call.

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