Shock after discarded used needles found in local park
The needles found in Jobstown Park on Saturday afternoon

Shock after discarded used needles found in local park

A RESIDENT was left “shocked and disgusted” after she and her five-year-old son discovered discarded used needles – some of which contained blood – near a wall in Jobstown Park on Saturday.

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said her son was walking along a wall in Jobstown Park near Tallaght Leisure Centre when he pointed at the discarded drug paraphernalia and asked her what it was.

“My son was standing on the wall and he pointed at the needles and said, ‘What’s that?’,” she told The Echo.

“I was shocked and disgusted. There was a load of blood there too.”

In order to get the needles removed, the resident contacted gardai but said that she was told the removal of the hazardous waste was outside of their remit.

A garda spokesman confirmed to The Echo that the removal of the waste “would be a matter for the local council”.

The Echo contacted South Dublin County Council, asking them if they were aware of the drug paraphernalia in the aforementioned location, what action they plan to take in relation to it, and who should be contacted if drug paraphernalia is discovered in a public place during the weekend.

A response wasn’t received from the local authority at the time of going to print.

The resident added: “I was disgusted, especially when you think that there could be a child in that field and they could prick themselves with a needle and then have something for the rest of their life.

“I wouldn’t like it to stop me from going to the field, but I’d be more aware of what’s there [now].

“People shouldn’t be using in a field, and if they are, they should bring the needles home with them.”

The Echo reported on similar issues with discarded needles in a section of Sean Walsh Park in recent weeks, with local addiction services reiterating the importance of needle exchanges and a need for “safer injecting facilities”.

There are a number of needle exchanges in Tallaght, both mobile and in fixed locations, which are provided by St Aengus Community Action Group CLG, the Community Addiction Response Programme (CARP) in Killinarden and Jobstown Assisting Drug Dependency (JADD).

A HSE spokesperson told The Echo that while there is “always a need” for more needle exchanges, “this does not necessarily stop drug-related litter”.

“Perhaps the introduction of safer injecting facilities would have a better impact on this issue,” they said, adding that local addiction services will continue to highlight the importance of the safe disposal of drug paraphernalia to service users.

In relation to overall concerns about drug use and drug dealing, a garda spokesperson added: “Nationwide each region has dedicated Garda personnel committed to policing drug misuse.

“Please contact your local Garda Station if you would like to pass on information about drug misuse.

“Every district in Dublin city has a local drug unit that tackles the sale and distribution of controlled drugs at a local level.

“To find out which drug unit covers your area, please contact your local Garda Station.

“Also, if you have any information that could help Gardai in combating drug dealers, please ring the Garda Confidential Line Freephone on 1800 666111 or ring GNDOCB on +353 1 6669900.”

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