Students set the agenda for St Aidan’s CS Open Day
Students Chelsea Murphy and Anthony McKeown preparing for the Open Day on Wednesday, March 30 (Image: St Aidan’s CS)

Students set the agenda for St Aidan’s CS Open Day

STUDENTS at St Aidan’s CS are setting the agenda for the school’s first in-person Open Day in two years.

On Wednesday, March 30, students will welcome prospective first years from right across the community to the Brookfield community school.

Alongside introducing new students and their families to educational opportunities and extra curriculum activities on offer, the importance of wellbeing within the school will also be highlighted.

This year the Student Council has requested its own slot to talk to visitors about the importance of wellbeing and understanding neurodiversity in education.

According to Head Student, Anthony McKeown: “When you are well you excel…and we want our guests to know that if you choose St Aidan’s as your secondary school your wellbeing as a learner will be front and centre always”.

A theme championed by the council throughout the year, students have also produced beautiful artwork around the school in anticipation of the upcoming Open Day.

Looking forward to next Wednesday, St Aidan’s Principal, Kevin Shortall said: “The Open Day is a lovely way to meet new students and their families and put their minds at ease about the transition from primary to secondary school.

“It is also a way to start building excitement and positivity about what is a very important step in a young person’s life.

At St Aidan’s we aim to start as early as possible to prepare students to experience success and a life of opportunity and high achievement.”

On Wednesday, March 30, between 9.15am and 2.30pm, St Aidan’s CS will host its Open Day.

For further information call 01 4524677 or email

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