Tensions boiling over after residents are denied permission to host bingo
Residents of Pearse Brothers Park

Tensions boiling over after residents are denied permission to host bingo

TENSIONS are boiling over in a housing estate after residents were denied permission to host a bingo event on green space due to it being “subject to a Part 8 process” for older persons housing.

The residents of Pearse Brothers Park held two bingo events, one in August and September, which served as an opportunity for neighbours of all generations to bond.

They went down a real treat, with it being a particular hit with the older people in the estate.

“You have all different types of people using the green,” Pearse Brothers Park resident Denise Parkin tells The Echo.

“You get the young kids using it during the day, teenagers start to use it in the early evening then and they do all play football at the posts.

“People walking their dogs and especially during Covid, it was a space that a lot of people would use at different times.

“For some of the older people, it’s a great space for them to come out and enjoy when we’re doing the bingo.

“There are two pollinator beds on the green that are increasing the biodiversity and this green serves two estates, Glenmore and Pearse Brothers.”

Plans are for a 10-unit social housing project for independent living for older persons on the green space in the estate – with the plans first being reported on by The Echo at the start of June.

The local planning authority is carrying out the development on land zoned Open Space, which has a provision for older persons housing.

At the September monthly meeting of South Dublin County Council, councillors voted to defer the decision by a month in order to help identify an alternate site or come to a compromise for the proposed development.

As they had held two events in recent months which were approved, residents applied again to host another bingo event on September 26 – and this was subsequently denied by the council.

In the response to the request, it was outlined that the council “cannot now grant any further permission for events at this location due to the fact that it is subject of a current Part 8 process”.

The council has suggested, because the green space is subject to a Part 8 Planning Application, that the organisers find and identify an alternate site to host their community events.

Responding to that particular suggestion, Denise said: “It’s the only viable green space in the area, there is another green near the entrance to the estate but it’s not safe.

“We can’t see the kids on that green and it’s right next to a busy road, it’s not viable.

“As far as we’re concerned, the status of the green space has not changed between our last bingo and now. Sure the vote has been deferred until the October monthly meeting.”

One particular aspect of frustration for the residents is that they were “allowed to litter pick” on the green space the week before they were scheduled to host the bingo – yet the bingo was not approved.

“When you take into account that this green space serves two communities, we are actually left with 4.1 percent open division of green space,” Denise claims.

“The council has said that there will be 40 percent of green space left after the development, but there won’t be.

“The kids will have absolutely nowhere and it’s really, really upsetting.

“The houses along here have no front garden, so that green space is just so important.”

South Dublin County Council were contacted for comment, but a response was not received in time for The Echo going to print on Wednesday afternoon.