Time to smile with HubController

Time to smile with HubController




The world of smart tech can have many of us furrowing and pulling on our frown lines with its complicated jargon and puzzling gadgets. But not the HubController. It’s called the Happy Hub because it can truly make you smile.

Our installation is FREE so you avoid the complications with it’s set up and use. Many other Irish homes have recognised the convenience, the control, and the savings which smart tech can bring to our home life. The Happy Hub has made them smile. Want to know why? Of course, you do!

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The HubController was developed in Tallaght by Oliver Hynes

Smile: It will Lower Your Costs Every Month

Saving money is sure to make all of us smile, so flex those face muscles because HubController keeps on giving when it comes to lowering your heating costs. On average it is proven to save €274 per year off your home heating bills, that’s €1370 in five years!

By using the HubController, we are reducing our energy waste, controlling our heating, and maintaining the same comfort in our home. A busy gadget overall!

Smile: Easy to Install

In fact, it can take as little as ten minutes to go from the box and on to your wall, controlling your heating. There are no extra cables, no complicated electrics and it simply replaces your existing controller or thermostat.

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Smile: Easy to Use

Even the most technology phobic person will find this piece of tech effortless to use. The gadget, which includes simple touch screen controls, is linked to an easy-to-use app on your phone which gives you confidence in having complete control over the thermostat.

Smile: Greater Flexibility

HubController offers you complete control over your device, with a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week adjustable programmer, allowing you to create the perfect schedule around your home, your calendar, and your personal comforts.

HubController can be linked with several devices meaning you can connect to a friend or relatives’ device and ensure they are keeping just as warm and cosy as you. Added to that, you can switch the heat on as you stand in the rain at a GAA match, after a sunrise swim, or on your way home from a long day at work by simply using the app. Many are enjoying the benefits already: “I had my heating system in for about 15 years and could never set the timer, could only boost or put it on constant. Now that I have the Hub, I can set it to go on before we get up on these cold mornings. It’s great, plus I can set it to whatever temperature I need. And if it gets too warm, I can just turn it off from my phone. If I go out for a walk and it’s getting chilly, I can just put it on from wherever I am.” – Linda, Dublin.

Smile: Award Winning and Home Grown

Developed by proud Tallaght man Oliver Hynes, the HubController is a proud Irish product. With every aspect of HubController having its roots in Ireland from the team, the design, development, and engineering, you can smile knowing it is home grown tech.

Smile: The Best Part

The best part is that since we have proven our savings we are included in a government scheme to cut down on energy waste. The HubController costs €380 but if your home is built before 2007 and you have wi-fi then you could be eligible for this subsidy meaning the HubController would only cost €100 upfront and once off.

For more details contact: The Hub Controller