#TPOTY2016 Trending and Top Tweets

#TPOTY2016 Trending and Top Tweets

The 33rd Tallaght Person of the Year took place on Friday night in the Red Cow Hotel, with awards being given to people, groups and organisations from across the community.

Simon Sweeney, a founding member of the Kiltipper Ramblers, was named the 2016 Tallaght Person of the Year for his work in highlighting the amazing natural amenities available to the people of the Tallaght.

TPOY 106 Simon Sweeney and Gus OConnell

Across the night, #TPOTY2016 trended third in Ireland at its highest point on Twitter, with almost 30,000 users seeing tweets related to the Tallaght Person of the Year Awards.

We’ve collected some of the best from the night, thanks to all those who helped to make #TPOTY2016 a huge success online across social media.

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