Works to be carried out on park footpaths repeatedly flooding
The footpaths flood in Greenhills Park after heavy rainfall

Works to be carried out on park footpaths repeatedly flooding

SOUTH Dublin County Council’s decision to carry out works on footpaths in Greenhills Park that repeatedly flood every time there is heavy rainfall has been welcomed by a local councillor.

The footpaths are located near the top of a hill in the park, and has caused park users to take “excessive detours across uneven grass”, according to Social Democrats councillor Carly Bailey.

The issue also impacts elderly people who use the park, and those with mobility issues, stated Cllr Bailey in a motion she tabled at a recent Area Committee Meeting.

Speaking to The Echo about the issue, Cllr Bailey said: “It’s one of those things…it’s very annoying when it happens.

“When we get very heavy rainfall the pavement is covered and it floods.”

The Temple Manor and Wilkins Residents’ Association also previously raised the issue with South Dublin County Council.

In response to Cllr Bailey’s motion, the council stated: “A commitment was given [at] a recent deputations meeting with the Temple Manor and Wilkins Residents’ Association to resolve the footpath ponding issues in Greenhills Park as requested here.

“A contract is in place at present for minor footpath surfacing works in parks and on estate open spaces, and the park has been inspected recently along with the contractor to determine the extent of footpath overlay which is needed to resolve these issues.

“It is expected that arrangements will be in place in the near future to have these works carried out.”

Commenting on the council’s response, Cllr Bailey told The Echo: “I was very happy to accept the council management’s response and I know they’re going to tackle it now. It’s very reassuring.”

Cllr Bailey added that this is a positive move in line with other plans for the park, including the development of a teen space near the existing playspace and calisthenics facilities, the planting of native trees, and the development of a biodiverse section of the park to encourage pollination.

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