€4k cash seized in drugs search forfeited to state

€4k cash seized in drugs search forfeited to state

By Brendan Grehan

A CLONDALKIN MAN has had €4,000 seized by the gardai in a drugs search forfeited to the state.

Keith Devoy brought an application before Blanchardstown District Court to have the cash returned to him.

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Devoy claimed the cash was his mother’s and she had withdrawn it from the bank to pay for bills and concrete work being done on the front and back of her house.

In May 2016, Devoy, from St Ronan’s Park, Clondalkin, had been sentenced by Blanchardstown Court to 100 hours community service for simple possession of cocaine and cannabis and possession of cannabis for sale or supply at the above address on January 8, 2015.

The gardai had found cocaine worth €49 and cannabis worth €1,421 at the address along with a sum of cash.

Garda Marcella Shanahan told Judge Miriam Walsh that on January 8, 2015, she carried out a search of Devoy’s home. She said Devoy led her to his bedroom where cannabis was being packed.

Garda Shanahan said she also found €4,005 in cash in a sock in a wardrobe. She said the cash was in two bundles of €2,505 and €1,500.

Garda Shanahan said Devoy told her that the cash belonged to his mother.

He said she had received €18,000 from a house sale after her mother had died.

She had gone to Mullingar to care for her sister who had cancer and had left the cash with Devoy’s younger brother to pay the bills.

Garda Shanahan said Devoy told her he worked as a personal trainer from his home but did not earn enough to pay tax.

Devoy had replied “no comment” to most of the garda’s questions.

Devoy told the court that the cash had been in his brother’s drawer.

He said his mother had given the cash to his brother to pay for bills and for the concrete contractor.

Keith’s mother, Marie Devoy, told Judge Walsh that she had received €18,000 when her mother died and her house was sold.

She said she had gone to Mullingar to look after her sister and left the cash with her younger son to pay the bills.

Judge Walsh said she had heard all the evidence and was not satisfied with the evidence furnished.

She ordered the forfeiture of the cash to the state.