All-time high demand for storage facilities at Nesta

All-time high demand for storage facilities at Nesta

By Maurice Garvey

NESTA, a storage company with a facility in Kylemore, has registered an all-time high demand for storage facilities. 

Nesta CEO Brian Hefferon 2 1

Nesta CEO Brian Hefferon, surprised by an all-time increase in enquiries

The firm say this is due to the changes forced by Covid-19 with more office workers working remotely.

“We were surprised by an all-time increase in enquiries,” said Nesta CEO, Brian Hefferon.

“While the pandemic decreased business all around the world and usual customers such as brick and mortar, start-ups and families moving houses vanished, a new demand surged. In June, we had a 67 per cent increase in enquiries compared to last year.”

According to Hefferon, the increase in enquires is driven by three main reasons: a need to declutter to make room for a home office, business downsizing or restructuring their physical space to comply with social distancing rules and temporary repatriation of foreign workers, taking advantage of remote-working from their own countries.

The uncertainty caused by the pandemic also forced Nesta’s bigger customers to be more careful with their decisions, but several large companies in Dublin announced more flexible remote working rules for 2020 is also affecting their pipeline.

“Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and other big tech companies extended their remote-working policy at least until early 2021, which is allowing people to take more long-term decisions to improve their workspace at home,” says Hefferon.

“However we noticed people upgrading their offices or returning to their home countries since May.”

Nesta is an Irish family-run business that was founded in 1989 and is part of the Kefron Group.

The company has storage and office rental facilities at Kylemore Road, Deansgrange, Sandyford and Santry, with further facilities planned for south and north Dublin.

For further details visit the Nesta website HERE.

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