Companies not prepared for role e-commerce would play in 2020

Companies not prepared for role e-commerce would play in 2020

By Maurice Garvey

JUST 37 per cent of Irish businesses were planning on increasing their investment in e-commerce towards the end of last year, according to a study conducted by Equinix.

The global Interconnection and data centre company, announced the results of a survey which found organisations in Ireland were unprepared for the central role e-commerce would play in doing business in 2020.

Maurice Mortell Managing Director for Ireland Equinix 2 1

Maurice Mortell, Managing Director for Ireland, Equinix

The tech trends survey of 103 IT decision-makers in Ireland, was conducted before the Covid-19 pandemic forced businesses to move their operations online.

The findings indicate an overwhelming majority of medium to large-sized enterprises did not view investment in e-commerce capabilities as an imminent priority.

The survey also found less than one-third (31 per cent) of IT leaders in Ireland believed blockchain—which can make digital payments faster and more secure—would be essential to their organisation within the next three years.

This is contrary to global trends, which lean towards a more digitised way of doing business.

However, the survey did show digital transformation was on the agenda for many, with 68 per cent of organisations stating improving their customer and user experience online was a top priority.

Equinix, a California-based company with more than 200 data centres worldwide, operates four data centres in Ireland, including one at Kilcarbery Park, Clondalkin and another centre in Citywest.

Maurice Mortell, Managing Director for Ireland, Equinix, said: “Covid-19 has shown us that digital transformation is now so central to the global economy – enterprises can fail if they don’t, or are unable to, digitally evolve. Of course, none of us foresaw how 2020 would unfold, but the world was moving towards a more digital way of doing business long before Covid-19.

“And while no one anticipates a pandemic, unexpected events can and do happen.

Organisations must therefore continually look at trends and respond to them quickly and appropriately. Ensuring an organisation has the right digital infrastructure in place is one of the best ways business leaders can protect it against the unexpected.”

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