Any treasured photos? Searching for old Palmerstown images…
Nuala and Hugh O'Connor on their wedding day in 1961

Any treasured photos? Searching for old Palmerstown images…

A social media page dedicated to collecting old photographs capturing the social, architectural and natural history of Palmerstown has recently been set up by a local photographer – and she is accepting contributions from people who have old photos of the area.

Úna O’Connor, who is a past pupil of Pobalscoil Iosolde in Palmerstown, is a skilled photographer who previously released a calendar of photos documenting the natural beauty of Mill Lane.

For her latest project, however, Úna has set up a new Instagram page called Palmerstown Ancient Place, to gather photos from days gone by, and it already has an interesting array of images.

“A few years ago, I uploaded some of these photographs to a private Facebook page dedicated to the local area and they were well received,” Úna told The Echo.

“I decided it would be better to have them all in one place so they can be viewed by anyone at any time, so I set up the Instagram account.

“My family have always had a passion for local history, a passion inspired by my parents, Nuala and Hugh.

Una O’Connor

“With my father now passed and my mother having developed dementia, I wanted to gather together the information they had given me about these photographs before it was lost.

“My late sister Nessa O’Connor wrote the local history ‘Palmerstown: An Ancient Place’, published in 2003.

“It is a comprehensive history of the area, and I named the Instagram page after it.”

Some of the black-and-white photos date back to the 1930s and offer an interesting snapshot of Palmerstown’s past – they are now being brought back into circulation via the Instagram page.

Mills of Mill Lane demolished in the sixties

“I love seeing old photographs of places I know, and what has changed over the years,” Úna added.

“Often, they leave me a little sad for all the beautiful architecture we have lost but, overall, I find them fascinating.

“I want everyone to see them and for them not to be left withering away in a box under the bed!”

If you or any of your relatives have old photos of Palmerstown that you would like to submit to the project, you can contact Úna on the Instagram page, or via email at

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