Burglary rates in Tallaght down by over 50% compared to last year’s figures

Burglary rates in Tallaght down by over 50% compared to last year’s figures

By Mary Dennehy

BURGLARIES in Tallaght have dropped by more than 50 per cent when compared to this time last year, with 282 less break-ins reported to the local station since January 1.

According to Garda figures, there were 538 burglaries reported in Tallaght during the first seven months of 2015 – a figure which has dropped by 282 break-ins to 256 for the same period this year.

Tallaght Garda Station June 2016

While official figures show a 52 per cent drop, burglaries continue to be a major concern for many residents – a situation which local officers confirmed they are aware of. 

Speaking to The Echo, Tallaght Superintendent Peter Duff said: “Burglaries are down 52 per cent when you compare the first seven months of 2015 with the first seven months of 2016. 

“This is mainly down to Operation Hybrid and focused controls in areas where burglaries may be happening – and also targeting those who may be involved in burglaries.

“People are also more vigilant and aware and a lot ofwork has gone into crime prevention advice and meeting community groups.”

Supt Duff confirmed that the number of burglaries for June and July of this year are also down, with Garda figures recording 60 burglaries compared to 106 for the 2015 summer period.

“While burglaries are down we are aware that this type of criminal activity continues to be a concern for communities.

“Coming home to find your house burgled is not a nice feeling, and we will continue to target burglaries and those who are committing them.”

He added: “A good bit of effort has gone into targeting burglaries over recent months through Operation Hybrid and we’re also managing offenders when they go back out into communities.

“Some of these young offenders don’t want to get involved in criminality, but they don’t have the coping skills to stay clear.

“We work alongside the probation services, and if a young person shows that they want to stay away from criminality, we’ll support them.

“Not only does this benefit them but the wider community, and will hopefully reduce the number of people engaging in this type of criminal activity.”

Supt Duff encourages any resident whose home is broken into or who spots any suspicious activity in their estates to always contact Tallaght Garda Station on 6666000.

Home safety tips are also available on www.garda.ie

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