Buying ink made all the  more easier at Madinks

Buying ink made all the more easier at Madinks

By Maurice Garvey

WITH literally thousands of different printers available from manufacturers – one Clondalkin company started out with a specific goal to make the process of buying ink, cheap and easily accessible.

Madinks, based in Oak Road Business Park, was established in 2014 by Michael McKeon, in response to the hidden dangers within the industry.

mad ink editorial September 01 2016

“The driver was that originally it was very expensive to buy ink, and manufacturers were keeping it that way,” said Michael.

“Different manufacturers sell their own products for their own printers. So someone like HP will have their own ink for HP printers, but you can buy compatible ink for half the price, which is just as good, with savings of between 50 per cent to 80 per cent.”

The average punter may be unaware of this little detail, a primary reason why McKeon started Madinks – which is aimed at small businesses, students and people with domestic printers at home.

Another reason to start the venture was the difficulty in trying to source cheap quality ink online.

Michael continued: “One night, I needed an inkjet cartridge and a printer ink that was good quality. I trawled through many ink selling websites trying to find my brand, but ultimately I was left confused. Why was it so difficult.”

Even just one brand – and there are many – can produce hundreds upon hundreds of different printers.

Hence the formulation of Madinks, which provides customers with an easily accessible service 24/7, and free delivery of products within 24 hours.

Purchases under €30 cost just €1.99.

The creation of the Madinks website is so accessible and appealing to the eye, that it won a slew of awards, including an Eircom Spiders digital retail excellence and Best Commerce Website in 2014.

“We brought together the experience of guys and Artizan (innovative web agency), that helped to combine the website as a team effort,” said Michael.

The Madinks website turns what may be considered a chore of cartridge buying, into a fun and easy experience.

Michael also created a quirky company mascot ‘Carter’, a former ink cartridge with “multiple personalities” who pops up with wisecracks, advice, has his own Q&A section, and is something that can be developed as the company moves forward.

“We do deals and competitions, recently for a free printer online,” said Michael.

“Our ink cartridges are fully licenced and don’t impact the warranty of your printer. Our customer service policy is no quibbles guarantee. The challenge is to get people to the website.

“People get next day delivery, we have a deal with An Post to keep the cost as low as possible.”

Check out madinks online and their deals HERE

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