Delight as Superhero Tristan starts junior infants

Delight as Superhero Tristan starts junior infants

By Maurice Garvey

AMONGST the youngsters starting junior infants at St Michaels NS in Ballyfermot, was a young boy with a critical congenital heart defect.

Tristan Best Kinsella (4), from Palmerstown Woods, has Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) – meaning the heart never developed in the womb, and the right side of the heart does all the work.

St Michaels First Day 16 Tristan Best Kinsella

However, the support of his family, parents Lindsey and Stephen, and big sister Keelin, has helped their little “superhero” develop, and in October, Tristan will go to Disneyland Paris thanks to Make A Wish Ireland.

Lindsey told The Echo: “All is well with Tristan heart-wise, thank God. His respiratory doctor is treating him for preventative asthma and bronchitis so he is on new medication. One big thing super hero Tristan is really happy about is the Make A Wish foundation trip to Disneyland Paris in October.”

Over the last year, Lindsey and a number of parents secured support from local businesses to raise funds for defibrillators in the school and at the family home.

The rare condition has seen Tristan undertake three major operations, he is on daily medication for the rest of his life, and will eventually have to go to London for heart and lung transplant surgery at a future date.

Lindsey continued: “In September 2011, we found out about how sick Tristan’s heart was. I still can’t believe that my real life super hero has started junior infant’s and has proved everyone wrong.”

Tristan’s sister Keelin, who is going into third class at St Raphael’s, has been instrumental in helping her little brother get ready for the next chapter of his life.

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