Cherry Orchard residents ‘fearful and angry’ as joyriding continues

Cherry Orchard residents ‘fearful and angry’ as joyriding continues

By Maurice Garvey

THE joyriding problem in Cherry Orchard has spiraled out of control to such an extent that residents are afraid for their safety.

The latest spate of incidents saw two stolen cars burnt out on Monday, one at lunchtime whilst kids were leaving school.

Cherry Orchard Dr burned cars 1 22 September 2016
Some of the damage caused this week by joyriders in Cherry Orchard

Dublin City Council say they have removed 10 burnt out cars from Cherry Orchard in the last month alone.

In recent years, a terror campaign has been carried out by a rogue gang of local thugs, understood to be involved in stealing cars from neighbouring counties, causing damage to local properties and intimidating residents.

Senior gardai have previously stated the response from some parents has been “less than helpful” when investigating the root of the problem.

Sinn Féin Councillor Daithi Doolan says the issue has reached “crisis point” and tabled an emergency motion calling for urgent action at the Dublin South Central Area Committee on Wednesday.

Cllr Doolan blasted the current response by authorities as “wholly inadequate” and says the situation has “deteriorated considerably in the last three weeks.”

“Every night cars are being robbed and burnt out – residents are fearful and angry,” he said.

Cherry Orchard Dr burned cars 2 22 September 2016

There is little or no garda response and DCC have yet to repair the fencing around the site or provide on site security.

I hope this motion will pressure senior management and gardaí into taking speedy and appropriate action. Cherry Orchard residents demand and deserves immediate action.”

Earlier this month, staff from Dublin City Council were intimidated and threatened by youths as they attempted to remove a burnt out stolen car, at the site of the proposed modular homes in Cherry Orchard.

Cherry Orchard has suffered from a severe lack of investment over the years.

It was promised a town centre in early city development plans, but this fell by the wayside when funding ran out.

Cllr Doolan fears the good work being carried out by community groups is being undermined by the activity of “a small minority holding the community to ransom.”

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