Cleansing services around the county under ‘constant review’
Cleansing services under constant review in places like Tallaght village

Cleansing services around the county under ‘constant review’

CLEANSING services around the county are kept under “constant review”, according to South Dublin County Council.

The council’s cleansing services include emptying litter bins, the cleaning of town centres, village centres and parks, road sweeping, graffiti removal, and mobile cleansing crews.

The topic was raised at a recent meeting of South Dublin County Council, with the local authority stating that cleansing services are considered a priority in their public realm section.

“These services are considered to be priority services within Public Realm, and in this regard, they are the first tasks to be assigned to staff each day,” it said.

“What this means, in effect, is that where a regular operative is not available on a given day a replacement is assigned to their task as a priority, before any other tasks are assigned.”

The total provision for all the cleansing services in the council’s 2022 revenue budget is €8.2m, and Independent councillor Paul Gogarty asked whether cleansing services could be improved.

“Cleansing services are kept under constant review and as issues come to light through area committee business, members net and customer-care items or through ongoing monitoring and supervision and they are responded to in a timely manner,” said the council.

“Where certain changes or improvements to a service are required then these have always been acted on and this will continue to be the case.”

Cllr Gogarty noted in his motion at the council meeting that concerns had been raised by residents and businesses about the quality of bin collections and litter-picking in the county.

“A review has been carried out of litter and cleansing issues which have been brought to the attention of public realm staff through CMAS, members net and customer care,” said the council.

“The results of the review suggest that there have been no major issues in recent times that would require any substantial change to the configuration of cleansing services as they are currently.

“One recent issue with regard to a number of litter bins not being serviced in the Lucan area has been resolved, this issue came to light during the week commencing June 13 and action was taken in the following days to address the matter.”

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