Council asked to deliver report on 446 Nama units they turned down

Council asked to deliver report on 446 Nama units they turned down

SOUTH Dublin County Council have been asked to deliver a report on the 446 Nama units that were turned down by the local authority.

South Dublin Mayor Guss O’Connell and Independents 4 Change Cllr Ruth Nolan tabled an emergency motion at the Operations, Procedure and Finance meeting – requesting the report.

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SDCC accepted 131 of the 591 units offered by Nama.

Both SDCC and Dublin City Council turned down large numbers of homes because the concentration of social housing tenants would prevent the development of “sustainable communities.”

Cllr Ruth Nolan says the motion requests the Director of Housing to make a report available to members on the housing units that were offered to SDCC by Nama.

The motion requests the locations of the units, the number and location of those accepted by the council, and the amount of funds required to prepare for letting those that were accepted.

They have also requested information on units that have been transferred and allocated, the scheme under which the units were allocated, the number of units not accepted by the council, and why.

The motion asks the report to include it units refused, were allocated to applicants on the housing list or relevant housing agencies.

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