Council refute claims they are slow responding to councillor
The hoarding at the site on Mayberry Road

Council refute claims they are slow responding to councillor

SOUTH Dublin County Council said it refutes a claim that it has been slow to respond to a councillor’s queries about hoarding that was recently erected opposite Kilnamanagh Shopping Centre.

As reported in The Echo last week, the hoarding has been placed around the property at McHugh’s Components, to facilitate the construction of an extension to the warehouse.

However, there are concerns that the hoarding appears to be placed on council-owned land and residents have been questioning why it was allowed to be put up.

Local Fianna Fáil councillor Charlie O’Connor told The Echo last week that people were concerned about the hoarding and added that the council had been “very slow” to provide information.

One sticking point was that the hoarding has received an S254 Hoarding Licence, which Cllr O’Connor said he had difficulty getting from the council.

In response, a council spokesperson said: “The executive refutes the suggestion that it is ‘slow’ to respond to Members’ Representations in relation to hoarding/S254 licence applications, and all such representations are responded within prescribed timeframes as set out in the Council’s Customer Service Action Plan and Citizens Charter.

“I also wish to confirm that details of S254 applications and licences granted are published in the council’s weekly planning list.”

After The Echo sent a query to the council on Monday, October 24, the local authority then responded on the following Wednesday afternoon and included a copy of the licence.

“The licence was granted in respect of an application made by Elliott Properties for a site at Mayberry Road,” said the council.

“This hoarding license is to facilitate safe development of the site and to protect the health and safety of public road and footpath users and may also apply to the use of the public road space at the specific location.

“The hoarding is to be removed upon completion of works, when following council inspection, the licence will be withdrawn.”

The licence for the hoarding is effective from October 3, 2022, to February 1, 2023.