County Council trial new touchless pedestrian crossing control system
Button by Neatebox app

County Council trial new touchless pedestrian crossing control system

SOUTH Dublin County Council is trialling a new system that gives people the option of using their mobile phone to virtually ‘press’ the pedestrian crossing button.

The council’s Road Department has installed a new touchless pedestrian crossing control system, called Button by Neatebox, at two locations within the county.

These locations include the crossing outside Tallaght University Hospital on Belgard Square North and the Post Office on Ninth Lock Road, Clondalkin.

The Button by Neatebox, a free app available on iOS and Android, is used to virtually press the button for pedestrian lights.

In a video shared by South Dublin County Council, former Mayor Ed O’Brien said: “It’s a nifty little app that will allow people to push a button on their phone to initiate the pedestrian crossing lights.”

According to the council, the app can create more accessible pathways across areas and has benefits for those who are blind or have mobility impairments.

The council believes that the app, which can provide people with more time to cross, can also reduce anxiety as people do not have to worry about locating the manual button or getting near to it.

The council also noted that it is a touchless system which is an “additional benefit to public health and safety”.

Pedestrians can also use an auto push facility, which enables users to activate a button push while leaving their device in their pocket.

The system also collects usage data with every interaction, which, according to the council, can be used for the provision of more “efficient traffic management and infrastructure planning”.

The system is currently being trialled at the two locations in Tallaght and Clondalkin, with any further roll out of the system dependant on the usage data collected and availability of resources.

For further information on how to download the app for both locations visit (Services section) or visit the council’s social media accounts.

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