‘Cowards’ leave pony to die in canal at Bawnogue

‘Cowards’ leave pony to die in canal at Bawnogue

By Maurice Garvey

ANIMAL rescue volunteers are appealing for help in identifying “cowards” who left a pony to die at a canal in Clondalkin.

On August 31, My Lovely Horse Rescue received a call, notifying them of the gruesome discovery.

Bawnogue pony

A spokesperson for the group said: “We got a call about this poor girl dumped on the canal in Bawnogue. When she arrived to the MLHR farm we had our vet come out straight away, but her injuries were so bad and left like that for far too long, there was no hope for her.

“We had to make the heart breaking decision to put her to sleep. RIP beautiful little Sally, we are so sorry we couldn’t give you the life you deserved. Once again the people that did this get away with it.”

The group have appealed for “cowards to speak up.”

MLHR have fought bravely to protect abused animals, largely without any help from authorities.

Bawnogue pony 2 September 2016

They have called for a dedicated animal welfare unit to be established and education programmes for kids and parents.

Tiffany Quinn, a volunteer with MLH, previously told The Echo: “Research has shown that a van with horses travels to places like Clondalkin, and they are sold without chipping, or veterinary care, to kids, some aged 11 and 12.”

“The practice of buying a pony for a couple of quid to rally it around has to stop.”

Anyone with information, is encouraged to contact Clondalkin Garda Station at 6667600.

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