Demolition plans approved for Junior National School
St Thomas’ Junior National School

Demolition plans approved for Junior National School

PLANS for the demolition of the existing St Thomas’ Junior National School building in Jobstown, to make way for the development of a new school building, have been granted planning permission.

The school’s Board of Management lodged a planning application with South Dublin County Council to demolish the existing single-storey 2,605sq.m junior school building last July.

The proposed demolition is to make way for the construction of a new part-two and part-three storey building, to house 27 classrooms and a three-class base special education needs facility.

Provision of a new temporary structure to serve as a school building while the works are being carried out also forms part of the planning application.

The two single-storey temporary accommodation units, totalling around 400sq.m., are to be located to the south of the proposed new school building development.

Redevelopment of the existing staff car parking and set-down facilities within the school site to include 40 new car parking spaces, six set-down car parking spaces, resurfacing 22 existing car park spaces and 106 bicycle spaces are included in the application.

The council granted permission for the plans this month, with a number of conditions.

These conditions include the requirement of the school to enter into a water/wastewater connection agreement with Irish Water, and the submission of a five-year landscape plan for the site.