Developer plans to demolish vacant Blackhorse Inn pub

Developer plans to demolish vacant Blackhorse Inn pub

By Maurice Garvey 

A PROPOSAL to provide 10 car parking spaces for 56 apartments in Inchicore, has been increased to 17 car parking spaces, following concerns raised by Dublin City Council.

Applicant Tom Kelly is seeking permission to demolish the now vacant Blackhorse Inn and a pair of semi-detached houses on Tyrconnell Road (229 and 231), and build 56 apartments in a seven storey block, with a café on ground level.

Blackhorse Inn

Former Blackhorse Inn pub on Tyreconnell Road 

Initial plans lodged last December included provision for 10 car parking spaces and 56 bicycle parking spaces.

Delphi Architects and Planners, on behalf of Mr Kelly, say the location of the site adjacent to public transport links, allows for reduced car parking provision under the city development plan.

This led to concerns by DCC’s roads and traffic planning division over the “likelihood of parking over-spill on the adjacent road network due to an under provision of car parking spaces”, citing an area that is “likely to be the focus of development pressure” in the coming years.

The division stated it would prefer the provision of one car parking space per apartment, to support family friendly living in the city, and recommended at least 21 car parking spaces in line with estimates for local vehicle ownership.

In January, city plannners requested further information on traffic planning at the site, and requested the applicant investigate the potential for additional car parking.

In response, the applicant has submitted additional information, which contains plans for 17 car parking spaces, and a total of 78 bicycle spaces (56 for residents in the basement and 12 for visitors in the shared courtyard).

According to the plans, the developer has allocated one car parking space is to be dedicated to be managed by GoCar for car club sharing, which can “represent the requirements for 10-14 car parking spaces.”

A decision has yet to be made on the planning application.

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