Drimangh Castle Secondary School are appealing for book donations

Drimangh Castle Secondary School are appealing for book donations

Drimnagh Castle Secondary School has appealed to the public to donate books for their school library.

The library is to be refurbished soon and will be used by more than 600 students.


This week, the school’s appeal hit national radio when RTÉ radio presenter Rick O’Shea, who is a past pupil, shared a message he received from an English teacher at the school and asked his listeners to chip in.

According to the teacher, Drimnagh Castle has over 600 boys, with many from disadvantaged areas who would benefit from a large selection of books for every reading ability.

She told O’Shea: “The school would be delighted to receive any donations of reading books suitable for teenage boys.

“There is a broad range of reading ability in the school so all books are welcome.”

Writing on his Facebook page, O’Shea said: “Hi guys, you may remember the appeal done by a school in here recently, well my own school – Drimnagh Castle Secondary School is looking for donations for their new library.

“I would personally be thrilled if you could help in any way or share along if you can’t.”


Donations can be addressed to:

Lisa Carley.

Drimnagh Castle Secondary School,


Dublin 12.