eBeauty – A little TLC  for our aching feet

eBeauty – A little TLC for our aching feet

OUR poor feet take a beating on a regular basis. From the challenges of wearing uncomfortable shoes to being on your feet all day in work, college… there are so many ways that our feet work through tough situations.

Once we are able to sit down and take off our shoes, the best foot cream can make a world of difference.

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Boots Luxury Cool Foot Gel 100ml €4.49, Ziaja Nourishing Foot Cream €2.99

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CCS Foot Care Cream 175ml €10.99, Freeman Bare Foot Lavender + Mint Foot Cream 150ml €6.99, Sanctuary Spa Foot Polish 75ml €7.19

Thanks so much to our friends over at Ziaja for sending me some of there nourishing foot cream! Highly recommended!

Here are a few more foot creams that will give your feet the treatment they need.


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