eBeauty: At-home gel polish removal

eBeauty: At-home gel polish removal

By Kaye Robinson Keeley

Kaye Robinson Keeley is A Yorkshire lass now happily married and living in Dublin. Having always had a passion for beauty and Art she enrolled in Barnsley college for 2 yrs to become a VTCT Nail Technician.

She is now 16yrs a nail professional, with her own business here in Dublin for the last 7 yrs. she provides all aspects of Nail technology for her home Salon and corporate salon clients.

Kaye is completing her independent teaching diploma and will be able to certify and pass on her knowledge and her passion for all things beauty very soon!

Gel Polish has proven to be revolutionary to the nail world. 2/3 weeks of shiny, chip free manicures is what we all want unfortunately the removal can prove to be tricky.

Picking off the Polish is an absolute NO! I would always advise a professional removal, however this is not an option at the minute so here are my at-home gel polish removal tips and advice.

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What you Will Need:

  • Cotton Pads
  • Kitchen Foil
  • Acetone or nail polish remover that contains acetone
  • Nail file and Buffer
  • Wooden stick
  • Cuticle oil

Step 1:

Get 5 Cotton Pads and cut them in half, then cut 10 squares from your foil roughly 5×5 cm.

Step 2:

Using your nail file or buffer gently file/buff over the top of your gel polish removing the shine from the top coat.

Step 3:

Soak the cotton pad in Acetone/Remover and place them over the surface of the nail. Secure this with the foil wrapping it around the top of the finger tip.

Step 4:

Leave all 10 nails wrapped securely for around 15/20 mins. After this time the Polish should be lifting and peeling away from the nail plate.

Some brands of gel polish can be far more stubborn to remove than others so in this case re-wrap the nails and leave a little longer. Wrapping a warm towel around the hands can speed up the process.

Step 5:

The Polish should be almost lifted off at this stage but any remainder of Polish should be gently removed with your wooden stick. Be extremely careful to not scrape the nail plate as this can cause long term damage to the nails.

Step 6:

Once all the residue of Polish is removed buff over the nail plate, bring to a high shine and massage a drop of cuticle oil into each nail.

Sometimes after a removal nails can feel dry or weak depending on your nail type. If this is the case coat your nails in a strengthening polish before applying cuticle oil. 

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