eBeauty – Festival Inspo

eBeauty – Festival Inspo

Welcome back to this week’s eBeauty Blog. With Longitude only days away it is a perfect time to refresh our brains on how to DIY a perfect glam look suitable for this year’s Festival trends. Unlike previous years, 2019 has introduced a more toned-down makeup trend …and I am loving it! Fresh skin and subtle smokes in the eyes are super complimentary, but who says they can’t be incorporated into 2019’s festival trends?! Check out this week’s tutorial to see how I created my fave festival inspired look.


Peaches & Cream Pigments

For this look, I used the pigment ‘Spacehopper’. It is a peachy, orange loose eyeshadow with iridescent glitter that looks AMAZE when the light hits. Of all the products and brands, I have trialed, and tested Peaches & Cream definitely reaches my top 5 brands. The range of colors they provide for unbelievably reasonable prices, you can’t go wrong. So, whether you’re someone who lives for golden glam or someone who loves a pop of color, you need to take a look at this brand!

Primark Beauty Biodegradable Loose Glitter

Penney’s have really hit 2019 with a bang regarding makeup. The range and quality of products that are consistently coming from Primark Beauty are just so good. So, when festival season came around, I was excited to see what would be in stores. This loose glitter comes in a good range of colors and are so affordable.

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