Echo Letters: People guilty only of protesting against injustice

Echo Letters: People guilty only of protesting against injustice

Dear Editor,
Last week a young lad from Jobstown was found guilty at the Children’s Court of false imprisonment of former Tánaiste, Joan Burton.

He escaped jail only because of his tender years. The conviction does not bode well for the adults who will be before the Central Criminal Court next year in connection with the same event. Hell hath no fury like a Tánaiste scorned, so the accused may expect the worst.

Joan Burton Protest 04 27 October 2016

In the course of giving his verdict the judge said that the incident was contrary to morality. Given the context in which the events occurred I believe the learned judge has a peculiar take on morality. A short stroll through recent history will shed some light.

When Burton came to Jobstown she was deputy to the Taoiseach and leader of a Labour Party which had been returned to the Dáil with its highest number of TDs ever.

The ordinary people of our country, the citizens of Jobstown among them, sent 37 of them to defend them from the ravages they knew Fine Gael had in store.

Labour were barely through the doors of Leinster House when they threw its lot in with the party of wretchedness, Fine Gael.

With real gusto they set about rescuing the banks, i.e. securing the gambling debts of the rich elite, debts for which their electors held no responsibility.

This was executed by attacking the living standards of the worst off. Heartbreakingly, they even went after single parent families – so much for compassion for children.

Fast forward to November 15, 2014. Burton comes to Jobstown and does not find a grateful public strewing rose petals in her path.

Instead, she finds the justified rage of a risen people. This is the context of the Jobstown Incident. Now who holds the moral high ground?

Our judge’s morality may play well in Dublin 4. It rings hollow in Dublin 24 and many other working class districts throughout the state.

Last Saturday saw a large demonstration in Dublin in support of the Jobstown accused. It needs to be built upon. We must come out in our tens of thousands.

Our people are guilty of nothing more than protesting against injustice. The only guilty parties are those who prosecute them.

Yours sincerely,
Cllr. Nicky Coules.
People Before Profit,
County Hall, Tallaght.

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