Echo Opinion: Luas Red or Green?

Echo Opinion: Luas Red or Green?

Luas management have been asked again to supply the same late-night service over the Christmas period on the Red Line as the Green Line gets.

The company says there is a lack of demand for the service. A councillor says that the Red Line provides two-thirds of the Luas revenue.


Those two statements do not add up. If there is a lack of demand, then the revenue stream would show it.

If the Red Line indeed supplies two-thirds of Luas revenue, then they should be falling over themselves to run the trams at all hours over the festive season.

Or could it be that there is a more sinister reason? Are there problems on the Luas Red Line that don’t appear on the Green Line? Should we not be told about this or is it another cover-up, couched in diplomatic language?

Luas should not play fast and ‘Luas’ with the truth.

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