Fr Manus set to leave ‘vibrant’ parish of Killinarden

Fr Manus set to leave ‘vibrant’ parish of Killinarden

By Mary Dennehy

FATHER Manus Ferry is leaving the parish of Sacred Heart in Killinarden next week after six years working in an area which he believes has “deep community roots”.

The parish priest is leaving Killinarden for pastures new and will take a sabbatical year with studies before embarking on a new appointment in 2018.

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Speaking with The Echo in his final week, Father Manus said: “Killinarden is a parish that I’ve really grown fond of and that I’m very attached to.

“There’s a great shared responsibility between the priests and the community, which is so important now that we have less priests and it’s great to see the community coming on board.

“Killinarden is a really vibrant parish with a very deep faith and despite the challenges that the parish faces it’s a great place with a sense of deep roots between the people.”

He added: “Looking back over the last six years there were probably times when I didn’t always get it right, but I just tried to walk with the people and sometimes I helped them and at times they helped me.

“Killinarden is a really established parish and there’s a real sense of pride among the people living here and looking back I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time with them.”

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