Frustration for swimming pool users with boom issues
Clondalkin Swimming pool have experienced a number of issues with the boom

Frustration for swimming pool users with boom issues

THERE is frustration for leisure centre users as there are further delays in fixing the boom at the pool in Clondalkin Leisure Centre.

The repairs to the boom, which has been broken since August last year, were scheduled to take place on January 24, 2022. The council previously stated that a specialist maintenance team will arrive with the parts required, however, it must be noted that this maintenance plan is based on travel restrictions remaining open between the UK and Ireland.

Despite the scheduled plans to fix the boom, a spokesperson from South Dublin County Council told The Echo that “significant issues were discovered” relating to the transducers when a specialist contractor visited the pool and will now require a full replacement.

This will involve the order of replacement parts and a return visit by the contractor, and the council have confirmed that they will update leisure centre users as soon as specific timelines for this are known.

Since opening in 2008, Clondalkin Leisure Centre has experienced a range of different technical difficulties, and in 2019 it was reported that €238,000 has been spent on repairs to the Centre since its opening, including €10,000 on swimming pool repairs.

In 2020, oil leaked into the pool tank, requiring replacement of four small hoses containing hydraulic fluid. Getting the four hoses replaced turned out to be a complex issue, as a specialist contractor was required to travel over from the UK to carry out the work but was unable to do so until a later date because of the pandemic.

Tallaght Leisure Centre 1

Tallaght Swimming pool have experienced a number of issues with the boom

Similarly, there have been issues with the boom in the pool at Tallaght Leisure Centre, which is estimated to cost more than €500,000 to fix, as previously reported by The Echo.

“The frustration of swimming pools users and swimming clubs over the ongoing lack of access and service is fully understood and their undoubted disappointment at this latest update is shared by the Council,” the council spokesperson said.

“We are reviewing maintenance arrangements and service cover in conjunction with facility managers from South County Dublin Leisure Services to improve the responsiveness and efficiency of these arrangements for leisure centre users.  The Council has committed the funding necessary to ensure that all appropriate options can be explored and will prioritise making any necessary arrangements identified in this regard.”

Despite the repairs required, Clondalkin Leisure Centre and the swimming pool are currently open and have remained open throughout.

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