HUB Controller are overall winner of Irish Tech awards

HUB Controller are overall winner of Irish Tech awards

TALLAGHT start up HUB Controller were the overall winner of the Irish Tech Awards.

Based in the Synergy Centre in IT Tallaght, the tech firm was founded in 2014 by CEO Oliver Hynes and creates technology that enables people to manage their energy consumption remotely.

Hub Controller

Their first state of the art smart thermostat was created in November 2016.

The HUB (Household Utility Bill) Controller app works with all heating systems.

The tech firm say it reduces energy use and saves money, with a sample user saving 31 per cent on heating bills after seven months.

CEO Oliver Hynes previously said last year they have developed “the world’s first smart thermostat that allows customers to monitor their energy consumption and actual spend in real time.”

“With the HUB Controller, you will be able to control the heating in your home from anywhere through your smartphone, tablet or laptop,” he said.

“You can schedule the heating on and off, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but we’re the only smart thermostat in the market that gives you this control.

“The HUB Controller will learn your schedule and optimise your savings to your liking. Over time, it will be able to control all the utility bills in your home, and it is the only learning smart thermostat with this function,” said Hynes.

The firm’s goal is to develop software to allow consumers to manage all their utility bills remotely.

HUB Controller CDO Kim MacKenzie-Doyle accepted the Irish Tech News award on behalf of the company at Dublin City University on May 30.

All aspects of the HUB Controller are developed and designed in the Synergy Centre and manufactured at a plant in Rathcoole.