Improving mental and physical wellbeing through food

Improving mental and physical wellbeing through food

By Mary Dennehy 

A KILNAMANAGH chef is staging a unique fundraising event in Tallaght this weekend, which will raise money for Pieta House while introducing people to foods and recipes that can support positive mental health and physical wellness.

Shane Rigney is a chef, food writer, blogger and caterer who specialises in food for health and wellness, with the local lad believing that good nutrition plays an important part in both mental and physical wellbeing.


The resident chef with Pure Results Bootcamp by Kathryn Thomas and food contributor to Ben Dunne Gyms, Shane has had articles published across multiple print and online magazines alongside appearing at festivals such as Taste of Dublin, Bloom, Well-Fest and Electric Picnic. 

Shane told The Echo that, through his own journey with depression and anxiety he discovered certain foods that support both your body and mind – and he has used this knowledge to devise tasty recipes.

“Nutrition plays an important role both in mental and physical wellbeing, and I’m passionate about delivering a message of improved mental health and physical function through food.

“It was definitely through my own journey with depression and anxiety that I started down this route”, Shane said. 

“I received support from Pieta House and I remember thinking, what can I do to at home to help myself?

Shane started to get into exercise and fitness and the interest in health food soon followed suit. 

“I’ve always had a passion for food, so I went back to college and retrained and have been doing this on my own now for the past four or five years”, Shane said.

This Saturday, Shane will host a fundraising event in the Plaza Hotel, which will include yoga, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, one-to-one sessions with personal trainers, live cookery demos, tastings, presentation on foods for performance both physically and mentally, guest speakers and lunch, snacks and refreshments. 

The event, which is called Optimum Nutrition for Mental and Physical Wellness, runs from 10am to 3pm this Saturday, November 25, and tickets cost €45. 

Shane has managed to get much of the day sponsored, including the room, which was donated by the Plaza Hotel, which has resulted in the full price of the €45 ticket going to Pieta House – alongside any money raised on the day through donations or raffle ticket sales. 

When asked why he’s staging his first event in Tallaght, Shane said: “I did attend counselling in Pieta House and I remember at the time that I found it very hard to access mental health services.

“I do think that there are more barriers to mental health services for people living in communities like Tallaght, and that’s why I wanted to hold my first fundraiser in my hometown.

“Pieta House is also a super cause.”

Tickets to Shane’s event on Saturday in the Plaza are available HERE

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