Jigsaw’s One Good School programme in Old Bawn CS
Sarah Byrne, Jigsaw, Kevin Shortall, Deputy Principal, Mc Mc Cabe, Principal, Mayor Peter Kavanagh and teachers Shannon Power and Yvonne Byrne

Jigsaw’s One Good School programme in Old Bawn CS

A PLAQUE was unveiled at Old Bawn CS to symbolise its participation in a programme that recognises the vital role schools play in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

Old Bawn Community School was among five South Dublin County schools that piloted Jigsaw’s One Good School initiative.

The youth mental health charity’s initiative grew from its One Good Adult programme, which raised awareness of the importance of a young person having One Good Adult to turn to.

The One Good School initiative follows this ethos, supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people by developing a shared responsibility across the whole school community.

The programme trains teachers to be that One Good Adult in a young person’s life, if a student turns to them when in need.

Alongside providing teachers with the tools to be that One Good Adult, it shows them how to care for their own mental health and wellbeing as well.

Old Bawn CS choir performing at the unveiling

The initiative also has elements for parents and students, including workshops on exam stress and when it’s time to start talking.

Shannon Power is an English and Wellbeing teacher at Old Bawn, and the One Good School team leader.

“There’s definitely been an uptake in students coming forward and finding their one

good person,” Ms Power said.

“This could be reflective of the times we are all living in, but we have noticed an uptake.

“I think students feel safe in the school, they know the teachers have signed up for this… it’s part of the school’s ethos.”

She added: “There’s been huge benefits [to the programme], not only the training but it really builds a community environment in the


“It also opens up another platform to talk about these things, and opens up dialogue for students, teachers, parents and the community.”

Ms Power noted that following workshops on Time to Start Talking, they did find that

students were coming forward to talk about smaller issues and stresses, that may have escalated if not for a chat.

In January, Old Bawn CS is entering its second year of the continuous Jigsaw initiative, with the school building on the project through a collaboration with other local schools.

“In the second year, we will be collaborating with other schools,” Ms Power said.

“This is a school-wide programme and as schools and school leaders we will share our experiences with other schools.

“The benefits of working alongside other schools and gaining experience are going to be brilliant.”

For further information on Jigsaw and their supports, programmes and local services visit jigsaw.ie

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