Live and Socially Distant – Tallaght musician connects with live virtual gigs

Live and Socially Distant – Tallaght musician connects with live virtual gigs

By Mary Dennehy

AS WE all try to find new ways of staying connected while staying apart, one Tallaght musician is staging live, online Saturday night gigs – and everyone’s invited. 

Two weeks ago, musician Chris Keeley started an Instagram gig called Live and Socially Distant. 

Chris Keeley compressor

Chris Keeley during one of his online gigs

“Putting videos of myself singing up online was never something I was really confident about”, Chris told The Echo.

“However, I knew I wasn’t going to be gigging for awhile so I said I’d give it a go.

“It’s funny gigging to one of the smallest cameras and assuming there’s people on the other side.

“I have to say though, I’m finding it really enjoyable, especially seeing people connecting through the gig.”

He added: “It makes me feel like I can contribute in someway to bringing people together while they’re in their own home.

“It’s great to see people connecting with friends and family during the gig and commenting to each other.

“It’s all so bizarre really.

“We’re so used to just heading out to a gig but this is the closest thing you’ll get to a live gig at the moment.

“Your barman is your other half or your fridge.”

Support Local 

The Live and Socially Distant sessions are free, with Chris, who is known for his gigs in The Dragon and Molloy’s, asking those tuning in to simply, support local.

“There’s no reason behind these gigs other than inviting people to log on and have the craic with me and their friends and family on a Saturday night”, Chris said.

“Also, I’m asking people when all of [the restrictions] are over to support local.

“Support your local pub, a local business, a local band or your local newspaper, The Echo.

“These businesses really need your support.”

Last Saturday, Chris played on for two-and-a-half hours, singing songs from his own repetoire and taking requests.

If you fancy a gig this Saturday, #QuarantineWithChris and visit Kriskeelee90 Instagram page HERE – which is public.

Live and Socially Distant will be on this evening, Saturday, April 4, at 8.30pm.


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