Minister makes frontline and community policing a continued priority for her and assigns five new gardaí to Lucan Station

Minister makes frontline and community policing a continued priority for her and assigns five new gardaí to Lucan Station

By Maurice Garvey

FIVE new gardaí will be assigned to Lucan Garda Station – arising from the latest batch of new recruits who have graduated in Templemore.

Latest figures released in April showed a total of 74 gardaí in Lucan and 90 gardaí stationed in Ronanstown.
Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald said: “Ninety-five new gardaí have just graduated from Templemore, and five will be assigned to the Lucan station, in addition to the five already assigned to the district in August.

“Frontline and community policing is a continued priority for me. To date there has been four intakes of garda trainees into the Garda College, giving a total intake of just under 400.

lucan gards station resized

A further 150 recruits will enter the college by year’s end, bringing the total recruitment of garda trainees to 550. We promised seamless ongoing recruitment and we are delivering on that promise. It is my intention that there will be ongoing recruitment of trainee garda, throughout 2016.”

Minister Fitzgerald said the government has invested nearly €29 million in new garda vehicles since 2012 – with the latest 370 new garda vehicles coming on stream since the start of this year.

“In addition, I recently allocated a further €700,000 for new specialised vehicles to support gardaí in responding to current and emerging crime threats, including those committed by highly-mobile gangs.”

She continued, “I have just published the Criminal Justice (Burglary of Dwellings) Bill 2015, which targets repeat burglary offenders through new measures relating to bail and the imposition of consecutive sentencing for repeat offending.

“ Figures from the Garda Síochána Analysis Service indicate that 75 per cent of burglaries are committed by 25 per cent of burglars. Targeting this cohort of repeat offenders has the potential to significantly reduce the number of burglaries being committed.”

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