New 42 meter ladder to go into  service ‘shortly’
A turntable used by Dublin Fire Brigade during a fire in October 2021 at the Glashaus Hotel apartment block

New 42 meter ladder to go into service ‘shortly’

DUBLIN Fire Brigade have ladders which can reach the fourth floor of any building, and have a new 42m turntable ladder appliance for all high-rise developments.

At the recent monthly meeting of South Dublin County Council, Cllr Francis Timmons (Ind) asked the local authority for a report into the height of the ladder in Tallaght Fire Station, on the Belgard Road, and if it can reach all apartment blocks in the county.

In response, the council was told that Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) train all operational fire fighters and officers to deal with a full range of incidents including fires in tall and complex buildings.

DFB invest in a broad range of specialised equipment to provide for appropriate response in buildings.

Crews have a complement of turntable ladders, which has increased in the last year, with a new 42m ladder expected to go into service “shortly”.

“Discussions with the Trade Unions continue with respect to the deployment of a revised specials agreement, which includes turntable ladders, and these talks are at an advanced stage,” the council said.

Fire appliances in Tallaght Fire Station carry the same standard 10m and 13.5m ladders, which enable firefighters to reach the fourth floor of a building and is “suitable for all regular housing stock”.

“In addition 30m and 42m Turntable Ladder appliances are on the Pre-Determined Attendance for high-rise developments for all areas of the city,” the local authority said.

DFB receive fire safety certificate applications for planning applications in which the applicant much demonstrate compliance with regulations, and they decide whether to grant or refuse.

Multi-unit developments like apartments need to be fitted with fire-safety features.

The council noted that fires in high-rise buildings “are principally designed to be fought from an internal protected stairwell as well as utilising external resources as required”.

Special Aerial Appliances are under review by DFB and their “deployment model for the city”.

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